Top Honeymoon Destinations


If you’re planning a wedding at the moment, one of the top items in your wedding budget will be the travel costs for your honeymoon. With people hoping for the most romantic destination to spend their first two weeks together as a married couple, we look at 10 fantastic honeymoon destinations to head to after your wedding day.

You’ll find yourself in awe of the magnificent pink sandy beaches and blue waters of Bermuda if you consider it for your honeymoon destination. But Bermuda is not just about lazing around on the beach all day, if you’re a sporty couple, you may find Bermuda’s many golf courses as a relaxing way to spend your time after the hectic wedding planning.

Just a glance at a holiday brochure for Jamaica and you’ll see wonderful images of the many beaches and tropical settings that it has to offer. With the rhythm of their steel drums and Jamaica’s natural majesty you’ll soon understand why it’s revisited so many times by people who have already experienced its full glory. Many resorts have private beaches and pampering facilities making it a wonderful place to visit for a honeymoon.

Serene beaches, Aztec temples, spicy food and Caribbean vibes, what more could a newly married couple ask for ?
Mexico is an amazing experience for honeymooners, with some of the world’s finest five star beachside resorts on offer, making it an increasingly popular destination every year.

Not many destinations offer the romance of a trip to Venice. The waterways surrounding the town make a delightful destination for brides and grooms looking for something away from the beach for their honeymoon. Steeped in history, and with some of the world’s most fascinating buildings to view, Venice is also close other Italian coastal destinations if you’d prefer a pool and beach experience in the same trip.

St. Lucia
The Caribbean is a wonderful destination for any couple looking to spend some private time during their honeymoon. Widely considered one of the top places to spend time after your Essex wedding, this cluster of islands offers pure indulgence and romance. If your wedding budget can cover it, you can even hire an island of your own. With water sports and volcano climbing on offer too, St Lucia is a perfect destination for brides and grooms who like the best of action and relaxation.

St. Bart’s
As soon as newly weds set foot on this island, you’ll find yourself immersed in the idea of French Caribbean paradise. St. Barts is regularly visited by the rich and famous, but don’t let that put you offer, even tight wedding finances can achieve a honeymoon with the white sand of this island, plus the national currency is Euro.

Commonly known as god’s modern Eden, Fiji consists of over 300 stunning islands. Exploring the islands will leave you feeling blissfully happy in their serenity and romance. With so much beach front there are many water activities available alongside hot springs. Fiji really is one of the most amazing places to visit, ideal for a once in a lifetime honeymoon destination.

Another Caribbean island on our list, with world class hotels, Anguilla offers a classy destination that is also affordable for many honeymooners. With the usual Caribbean offers of clear blue water, lapping at white sandy beaches, there are few more romantic places to visit after your wedding day.

Many destinations are idyllic honeymoon destinations, but Tahiti is pretty much dedicated to couples and newly-weds. A place you’ll remember for the rest of your life, it offers a volcano, and over 100 islands to visit. Staying in paradise comes with a price, so don’t expect everyone’s wedding budget will cover the costs of this dream destination, but Tahiti offers something for everyone so well worth a look at the brochures.

With a number of diverse environments to explore, this remote location will leave you feeling like you’ve been transported to paradise. Often rated as one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations, you’ll find beautiful beaches to relax on and stunning volcanoes to explore.

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