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There are several theme parks in the U.K. that may be of interest to the family tourist group. Expectations for a day at one of these theme parks may include entertainment adventure lands, park rides, towers to climb, restaurants for the family, and gardens to walk through. Each of the following theme parks has the general entertainment features of a major theme park and has its own contributions for the family tourist group:

Alton Towers is a theme park and a resort that is located in Staffordshire, England, in the U.K. The estate was a former seat of the Earls of Shrewsbury. The modern resort has a park and a resort hotel. The resort hotel includes a spa, golf course, and a conference center. There are several major attractions that are held yearly at certain times.

There are thirteen theme park areas. Each of these park areas has it unique attraction and ambiance for the family tourist group. This park has a sky ride that may be of interest to some of the more adventurous types. There are seasonal theatre attractions that include certain mystery performances.

Thorpe Park is a theme park that is located in Chertsey, Surrey, England, U.K. This park includes standard park roller coasters and thrill rides. There are water rides and rides for the family. This park features certain seasonal entertainment that includes mystery nights and fright nights.

The theatre themes include annual events and actors in costumes. There are four main fright nights that tend to entertainment the adolescent family members. A carnival is held annually. This carnival takes place during the spring of each year. Each year has created new themes for the theatre productions.

This theme park is located in south west London, England. Chessington world of adventure is 12 miles south of central London. This theme park began as a zoo and displayed a private collection of animals. There are several main attractions that may be of interest to adolescents as well as to adult family members. The park hosts a Halloween event each year. There are separate events that have been hosted. A temporary maze attraction was a popular event.

There is a hotel that is located adjacent to the theme park. The resort includes entertainment, bars, and restaurants. The hotel has a large indoor swimming pool and a shopping village.

Drayton Manor Theme Park is located near Tamworth in Staffordshire, England. This theme park includes a resort and a zoo on the grounds of the former Drayton Manor. The park includes roller coasters and thrill rides. Water rides and other rides are available for various family members according to their ages. The land for the park was a former mansion estate, and the area has been a military training post.

The park includes several areas of entertainment. These themed areas include a children’s area with rides that may appeal to smaller members of the family. There is an action park with a number of thrill rides and roller coasters. An aerial park includes rides, restaurants, and stores to shop through. A fisherman’s wharf is next to a lake on the property. A pirate’s cove is included, and the family may enjoy an adventure boat ride.

The zoo and dinosaur trail are a part of the Drayton Manor Theme Park. The zoo is open all year, and there are over 100 different species of animals to view. The zoo area has a discovery museum and a walk through dinosaur land. The smaller members of the family touring group may enjoy this area of the park.

Legoland Windsor is a child-oriented theme park and resort in Windsor, Berkshire, England. This park is designed around the Lego toy system. The park includes many Lego-themed rides for the children. There are Lego models to view and Lego workshops. The facility is usually of interest to children from three to twelve years of age.

This theme park has been a popular destination for young children and their families. The Lego workshops tend to attract large crowds. The park contains height charts and guest services. There are guest restrooms and cash machines. A railway may be used to transport a family from one area of the park to the next. Local school children are frequently attending certain park events. There are certain food establishments for the children as well as for the adult guides and family members.

There are several them parks within the U.K. that may be of interest to the family tourist group. Several of these parks tend to have the standard park rides that include roller coasters and thrill rides. There are water rides and mystery events to enjoy. Each park has a number of public facilities and onsite restaurants.

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