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Visit Ljubljana


Visit Ljubljana, a beauty in Central Europe

Ljubljana is a tourist friendly city. It attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Ljubljana is well visited because of friendly locals, extraordinary culinary experience and quality accommodation. There are many accommodation options. The average visitor stays in Ljubljana hotels. They are well kept and usually offer Wellness & Spa.

The city sits in the central Slovene basin from where roads lead to the East Alps, Northern Adriatic and Panonian Plain. The city area has been settled for over 3000 years. During the Stone Age people settled on the shore of the Ljubljansko Barje (Ljubljana Marshes). The city was also Roman military camp in the 5th century. Ljubljana was first mentioned as a town in the 13th century. The growth of the city began with the railway in 1849. After the Second World War Ljubljana became the most important city in Slovenia. It became the capital of Slovenia in 1991.

Ljubljana has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The city has a lot to offer; a number of museums, theatres, opera house, botanical garden and zoo, etc. It is one of the youngest European capitals. Ljubljana is closely linked to nature. Visitors can enjoy in walking through Tivoli park or hiking to Roznik Hill. Ljubljana is a city that will stay in visitor`s heart forever.

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