Leezit: A Unique Way to Travel and Meet People


Leezit: A Unique Way to Travel and Meet People

Leezit is an online community platform which offers travelers a unique way of securing accommodation abroad.

Booking your accommodation with Leezit.com will give you a unique opportunity to stay with a local host in the area you are traveling to; this can give you an insight into the local lifestyle and culture that you could never get by staying in a hotel.

Don’t be that tourist that doesn’t meet any locals in the areas they visit, instead seeing only what’s advertised in glossy tourism brochures; liven up your travels by staying with interesting hosts that can give you a peak into their culture!

If you want to enrich your travel experiences, read on to find out about this awesome new way of securing accommodation abroad!

How Does it Work?

Leezit.com is very easy to use. You can sign-up to the site in less than a minute using your Facebook account or email address. Once you’ve joined Leezit.com, you can book accommodation in the homes of  hosts located in the area you want to travel to.

When you are logged on to Leezit.com you can search for hosts by location and date. Once you find a host you want to stay with, you can contact the host using the Leezit messaging system to ensure the host has space on your required dates; if they do, you can then make a reservation request.

Another useful feature of Leezit.com is that both guests and hosts can review each other, making it easy for members to tell if hosts or guests are suitable for them.

How Much Does it Cost to Stay with Hosts on Leezit?

There are a wide range of rooms available, and since the hosts set their own prices, there are rooms suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Some of the rooms are basic and budget friendly, others are extravagant and cost a bit more.

Staying with hosts on Leezit will, generally, save you money when compared to staying in hotels; hosts have lower overheads than hotels, this is why you can find some fabulous rooms for much less than they’d cost in hotels!

Who is Leezit for?

Leezit is suited toward lots of travellers:

·         Business travellers that are tired of staying in lifeless, sterile hotels and will appreciate the homely atmosphere offered by Leezit hosts. 

·         Budget travellers that want to save money on accommodation.

·          Sociable travellers that want to meet local people in an easy, relaxed manner.

·         Any travellers that want to experience something unique and different.

·         Any travellers that want to support the economies of the communities they travel to; travellers that pay money directly to local hosts, rather than to multinational hotel chains, make a more positive economic contribution to the local community.

Is it Safe?

Leezit offers numerous features that protect the safety of community members. For a start, Leezit monitors all messages between guest and hosts.

The payment system on the site is also very safe; guests enter payment details when they submit a reservation request, but Leezit doesn’t make any charges unless the host accepts the reservation request. Once reservation is confirmed Leezit will collect payment and hold the funds until 24 hours after the guest checks in. After 24 hours they transfer the payment to the host.

This well-designed payment system ensures that both the guest and host have a chance to confirm that everything is as expected before money officially changes hands.

The reviews on Leezit are also a great security feature; if you aren’t sure about a host you can simply check out their reviews to see how other guests got on with them! 


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