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Gatwick And Heathrow Airports The Gateways To The UK


Every day, hundreds of flights land in the city of London. Most are at the Gatwick and Heathrow airports. These even have several airlines that have hourly flights to New York, and usually around 6 others to separate destinations in the United States. Travelers from around the world flood these airports every day. That is why the car hire UK industry is such a huge success. There are also more flights than any other UK airport to the Far East, South America, and South Africa.

When flights enter London, visitors can find arrange car hire Gatwick Airport, car hire Heathrow Airport, or up to three other airports within the zoning of London. This gives the tourism bureau a lot to do when scheduling visitors.

The popular sites to see in London are accessible from either main airport, but for most international flights, Gatwick will be where to begin the travel plans.

Even in business travel, London is one of Europe’s leading broadband internet technology providers, with better connectivity than anywhere else in Europe. There are a multitude of facilities available to hold physical or virtual business meetings with clients and employees from around the world.

With easy access from the surrounding M25 motorway, the sights and culture of London can be experienced even by business visitors on off time. The best hotels, and castles and palaces, are located within an hour of each other and London’s center.

An important landmark to remember when navigating London is the historic Thames river. The city, as it stands now, does not have multiple sky scrapers or tall buildings to get one’s bearings. The reference points to use while traveling are linked to the river that runs through the city.

London is sprawling, and has many wonderful sights to see. The Thames river provides a vital transportation outlet, as well as a way to mesh the rolling hills, romantic architecture, and the flowing water into a wealth of amazing sightseeing.

From the overwhelming sight of Buckingham Palace, to the remains of Roman architecture, to the steady turning of the hands at Big Ben, one must plan their trip wisely to fit in all the important places.

Shopping days are best planned while having a hired car. The delays on the underground could prove to be one’s undoing should they spend much money on the boutiques. Hire a car with a large boot to haul the items back to the hotel. Whatever the reason for being in London, pausing through at either airport, or driving through by automobile, the sights and sounds of this wonderful city will lend memories to last a lifetime.

An important note for international visitors, though, the changing of the guard is not a year round, daily event. It runs for a few months of the year, and not on days of inclement weather. This will limit the times of year you may want to holiday here. The rest of the sites of London will make a holiday worth the trip any time of year though.

Sofia Airport Guide

Sofia Airport - Bulgaria

The international airport in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia was completely renovated in 2006. The new Terminal 2 was built next to the old Terminal 1. It is a now a modern airport with good facilities. Terminal 1 is exclusively for budget companies and charter flights.

Local transport


There is no train connection with the Sofia airport.

Car And Bus

The airport is ten kilometers east of the center of Sofia. Not all destinations on the road signs are given in English, but the route from the airport to the center is given in English.

Terminal 2 is directly connected with the bus station. Line 84 leaves every 15 minutes to Orlov Most which is close to the city center, the route goes via the bus station by the Pliska Hotel, travel time is approximately 20 minutes. You can buy a ticket at the window in the bus station. For large baggage you must purchase an extra ticket.

Car Rental

In the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 2 there are counters for car rental companies: Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Budget, Moto-Pfohe Rent-a-car and Tany Rent.


Taxis are in front of the Arrivals Hall. The airport has done many things to keep away fraudulent taxi drivers. It is recommended, using OK Supertrans (tel: + 359(0)2 973 2121), this company has a window in the Arrivals Hall.

Airport Parking

You can find parking spaces close to the terminal, there are no separate places for short and long-term parking. There is also an underground parking garage with 4 levels below Terminal 2.



There are no hotels at the airport.

Shops and restaurants

The airport has a reasonable range of rather simply arranged snack bars and cafés. There is a large Duty Free shop in Terminal 2, there is also a full service restaurant called Da Vinci restaurant.


The window for lost and found items is in Terminal 1


You can find general information counters in both terminals which are also accessible by the general telephone number.


On the second level of Terminal 2 there is a Business Class Lounge, here you can use the fax machine, copy machine and read international magazines and newspapers. There are also computers with internet connection.

Disabled facilities

The new terminal has outstanding accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted restrooms, elevators and telephones. For assistance you can contact the general information counter.

Other services

There are banks, money exchange offices and an ATM, next to the United Bulgarian Bank, there is also a post office. The First Aid station is on the ground floor of Terminal 2. On the second level of Terminal 2 there are look-out terraces.



Sofia Airport
1 Christopher Columbus Boulevard
1540 Sofia

Telephone, fax, email

Telephone: +359(0)2 937 2211/2
Fax: +359(0)2 937 2010

Airport codes

IATA airport code: SOF
ICAO airport code: LBSF



Dubrovnik Cilipi Airport Guide


Dubrovnik’s international airport is one of Croatia’s most important airports. The airport is also called Cilipi, after its location. Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination on the Adriatic coast. It has only one terminal and handles approximately one million passengers annually.

Local Transport

There is no direct train connection from Dubrovnik Airport. The nearest railway station is in Plo?e, which is easily accessible by bus. For more information, please visit the Croatian Railways website.

Car and bus

The airport is located on the E65, approximately 24 kilometers south east of the center of Dubrovnik.

There is an airport shuttle service (Atlas) between the airport and the Dubrovnik bus station. A ticket costs HRK 35.00. There is also a regular city busses service to and from the airport. The bus is the cheapest way to get to the airport.

Car rental Dubrovnik Cilipi Airport

There are several car rental agencies (Auto Europa, EasyCar, Economy Car, Sixt, Herzt and Holiday auto’s) at the arrival hall. You can also book a rental car in advance at EasyTerra, this website compares multiple car rental agencies and their rates simultaneously.


Taxicabs are available in front of the terminal. A trip to Dubrovnik costs approximately HRK 250.00 and takes half an hour. You can book a taxi on line (tel. +385(0)98 725 769).

Parking at the airport

The airport has 200 parking spaces, both for short and long term parking. The first 15 minutes are free and after that the price is at most HRK 5.00 per 2 hours.

Shopping and dining

At the airport, there are a few shops, restaurants and (snack) bars.


For lost and found items, please contact tel. +385(0)2 0773 328.


At the terminal there is a service desk which provides information about the airport and timetables.


The airport has two lounges. Other than this, there are no business facilities.

Access for disabled people

There are a number of facilities for disabled people.

Other services

At the terminal there is a bank, post office and an exchange office. Opposite the rental agencies, there is an ATM. The airport’s gardens are worth a visit.

Dubrovnik Airport
Cilipi, Konavle
20117 Dubrovnik
Telephone: +385(0)2 077 3100
Fax: +385(0)2 077 3322

Airport codes

IATA airport code: DBV
ICAO airport code: LDDU

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