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Popular Water Parks In London

A trip to London is always filled with a lot of fun and frolic. Especially if you are traveling with your family London can be a perfect destination for an exciting holiday or vacation. A load of travelers have always been calling the National Rail London-Water-ParksEnquiries team to find out about ticket availability in order to get to London. One of the most popular attractions of London especially for kids is its famous water parks. These water parks which are an ideal location for families with kids especially during weekends and holidays. Some of them are located right in the heart of the city while the others are located on the outskirts of town. However irrespective of the location these water parks provide great entertainment at an economical price for most families who frequent them often. Although cost is not the sole deciding factor most of these water parks have lot many features which are sure to give you an enjoyable outing with your families and kids.

The following are some of the most popular water parks in London :

1) Oasis Swimming Pool :
Located in the heart of the city, this water park offers two heated swimming pools which are located indoors as well as outdoors. It can be frequented all the year around and also has loads of other entertainment and sport options such as a health suite with an efficient masseurs and masseuses, a squash court, a sauna, a gymnasium and a cafeteria as well. The pools are well guarded by hoists in order to discourage unlawful entry. The Oasis Swimming Pool is a great place to visit with families and kids.

2) Leyton Leisure Lagoon:
A perfect destination for your children especially if you are looking at an option which engages play and learn games. This Water Park conducts swimming classes for kids who are interested in learning how to swim. Children below the age of five can be kept busy at the creche which engages them in play and learn activities. Moreover there are a variety of fun filled water games such as flip n fun, water scooters, water walkers and wet play sessions on a large sized fun flume that ends on uniquely shaped pool of a standard size. Your kids are surely well taken care of while you can take a walk around the other places in the park.

3) Waterfront Leisure Center:
Located at about eight miles away from the city of London, the Waterfront Leisure Center is a perfect getaway destination for you and your kids. The best way to get to this water park is by train and you can check with the National Rail Enquiries for the train schedules. The park houses two swimming pools that conduct pool sessions for all age groups. Some of these sessions also offer training in new techniques. Both the pools are quite large with a length spread across 25 meters and four lanes. Activities such as a 65 meter snake slide, a waterfall along with wave machines, volcanoes, water jets and a five lane water slide will

definitely make your kids go wet and wild. The water park also offers a spa facility which allows you to relax and rejuvenate as your kids are having fun in the pool.

The above destinations offer perfect family and are easily among the most popular water parks in London.

Egypt Various Photos

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Holiday Villas: The Perfect Home Base for Visits to Costa Blanca

COSTA-BLANCAThe Mediterranean coast beckons, and who are we to argue? If you’ve been to Costa Blanca, you know that Spain offers sun, sand, surf – and so much more. If you’ve never visited this slice of paradise in southeast Spain, you should definitely consider the area for your next holiday.

The Appeal of Costa Blanca

There are a variety of reasons why Costa Blanca is so inviting. The sandy beaches are perfect for lazy afternoons, while the coves and inlets are perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. For those who are so inclined, the Costa Blanca area offers everything from sailing and windsurfing to jet skiing and waterskiing. Anglers will appreciate fishing opportunities, while golfers enjoy gorgeous courses year-round.

Aside from the pleasures at the water’s edge, Costa Blanca offers a delightful assortment of other attractions. Shoppers love the boutiques and open-air markets, while night owls enjoy the lively club scene up and down the coast. Costa Blanca provides gastronomes with an array of taste sensations, from the freshest of seafood to traditional dishes like paella.

The Best Accommodation

COSTA-BLANCATo fully enjoy all that the Costa Blanca area has to offer, those in the know rent holiday villas. The advantages of such rentals are numerous. One aspect that is appealing is that a villa rental allows you to have privacy, while another is that the villas are often incredibly spacious. If you’re on holiday with more than four people, hotels tend to be too impersonal and don’t have the space you need to really enjoy your time together. Holiday villas, on the other hand, can accommodate anywhere from six to twelve people. Similarly, a villa is often quite luxurious, and often has a private pool and other amenities that you and your party can enjoy.

Heading North to Costa Brava

COSTA-BLANCAAnother ideal place to go on holiday is the Costa Brava region, located in northeastern Catalonia. The beaches are renowned, as are the artists (like Picasso and Dali) who treasured the area. As with Costa Blanca, you can easily rent a villa – or even an apartment – and make it your home away from home while you’re on vacation.

What to Expect

Whether you’re interested in reserving holiday villas in Spain or in Algarve, Portugal, you should goto our website for choice of over 340 villas, self catering apartments and hotels.
Bed linens and towels are almost always included in holiday villas, as are cooking utensils and crockery. The cost of cleaning the villa is usually included in the price. Pets are generally not allowed, but if they are, an extra deposit is usually required.

Costa Blanca is beautiful any time of the year, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than from the comfort of holiday villas.

Top Honeymoon Destinations


If you’re planning a wedding at the moment, one of the top items in your wedding budget will be the travel costs for your honeymoon. With people hoping for the most romantic destination to spend their first two weeks together as a married couple, we look at 10 fantastic honeymoon destinations to head to after your wedding day.

You’ll find yourself in awe of the magnificent pink sandy beaches and blue waters of Bermuda if you consider it for your honeymoon destination. But Bermuda is not just about lazing around on the beach all day, if you’re a sporty couple, you may find Bermuda’s many golf courses as a relaxing way to spend your time after the hectic wedding planning.

Just a glance at a holiday brochure for Jamaica and you’ll see wonderful images of the many beaches and tropical settings that it has to offer. With the rhythm of their steel drums and Jamaica’s natural majesty you’ll soon understand why it’s revisited so many times by people who have already experienced its full glory. Many resorts have private beaches and pampering facilities making it a wonderful place to visit for a honeymoon.

Serene beaches, Aztec temples, spicy food and Caribbean vibes, what more could a newly married couple ask for ?
Mexico is an amazing experience for honeymooners, with some of the world’s finest five star beachside resorts on offer, making it an increasingly popular destination every year.

Not many destinations offer the romance of a trip to Venice. The waterways surrounding the town make a delightful destination for brides and grooms looking for something away from the beach for their honeymoon. Steeped in history, and with some of the world’s most fascinating buildings to view, Venice is also close other Italian coastal destinations if you’d prefer a pool and beach experience in the same trip.

St. Lucia
The Caribbean is a wonderful destination for any couple looking to spend some private time during their honeymoon. Widely considered one of the top places to spend time after your Essex wedding, this cluster of islands offers pure indulgence and romance. If your wedding budget can cover it, you can even hire an island of your own. With water sports and volcano climbing on offer too, St Lucia is a perfect destination for brides and grooms who like the best of action and relaxation.

St. Bart’s
As soon as newly weds set foot on this island, you’ll find yourself immersed in the idea of French Caribbean paradise. St. Barts is regularly visited by the rich and famous, but don’t let that put you offer, even tight wedding finances can achieve a honeymoon with the white sand of this island, plus the national currency is Euro.

Commonly known as god’s modern Eden, Fiji consists of over 300 stunning islands. Exploring the islands will leave you feeling blissfully happy in their serenity and romance. With so much beach front there are many water activities available alongside hot springs. Fiji really is one of the most amazing places to visit, ideal for a once in a lifetime honeymoon destination.

Another Caribbean island on our list, with world class hotels, Anguilla offers a classy destination that is also affordable for many honeymooners. With the usual Caribbean offers of clear blue water, lapping at white sandy beaches, there are few more romantic places to visit after your wedding day.

Many destinations are idyllic honeymoon destinations, but Tahiti is pretty much dedicated to couples and newly-weds. A place you’ll remember for the rest of your life, it offers a volcano, and over 100 islands to visit. Staying in paradise comes with a price, so don’t expect everyone’s wedding budget will cover the costs of this dream destination, but Tahiti offers something for everyone so well worth a look at the brochures.

With a number of diverse environments to explore, this remote location will leave you feeling like you’ve been transported to paradise. Often rated as one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations, you’ll find beautiful beaches to relax on and stunning volcanoes to explore.

Tuscany Beach Holiday Destinations

tuscanyA globetrotters itinerary is never complete without a visit to Tuscany. Tuscany beach holidays are memorable for any sea lover. The clean beaches which are filled with golden sand and spectacular views, makes Tuscany coastal areas, a splendid vacation destination. Tuscany beach holidays are filled with fishing, water sports, sun bathing, etc.

Excellent marine and coastal facilities in Tuscany are other factors that attract visitors to the place. The archipelago of Tuscany offers picturesque views to the tourists, who are overwhelmed by its beauty. Tuscany is also a perfect destination for exploration, with its uneven terrains, exotic villages and ancient rocks.

The primary destination for many tourists in their Tuscany beach holidays is the beautiful coastline of Versilia. Versilia is famous for the sandy beaches and mountains that are the reasons for the pleasant weather, in the region. It is also popular for the unlimited fun it offers and the exciting night life of the area. The place became popular for being a much frequented spot of the artists like Lorenzo Viani, Galileo Chini, etc.

If  Versilia is a prominent destination, in the Tuscany beach holidays of people, they get to visit many tourist spots, in the region. The elegantly built lounges and palaces in Viareggio; Pietrsanta, the sculptors destination; Camaiore, an opulent place with monuments and memories; the antique villas of the tiny villages, etc are few tourist spots that are situated in Versilia.
Versilia in Tuscany is hailed as Apuan Riviera pearl. A well- developed and modernized network of rail roads and roads and the frequent bus and coach services, makes this place accessible to any outsider.
Forte Dei Marmi is a fashionable resort in Versilia. This holiday home has attracted artists, poets, painters, writers and tourists with its pine forests and scenic view of beautiful beaches, since its establishment. Viareggio harbour in the Versilian coastline is yet another must see sight.

tuscany2Tuscany beach holidays are the time to enjoy among the boundless beaches and sea. From dawn to dusk, tourists can enjoy the delights of the beach, during a holiday season, with a visit to Tuscany. Being with the endless beaches in Tuscany and unwinding one self can be a delightful experience.

Another highlight of Tuscany beach holidays is the excellent cuisine of the region. The Viareggian fish dishes and the traditional delectable Tuscan cuisine make the visits to Tuscany even more memorable. A traditionally prepared pizza or a mouth-watering spaghetti allo scoglio are must-taste items in any Tuscan menu. Tuscan wines like the Montecarlo white wine and the classic Chianti reds are much sought after drinks in Tuscany.
The nightlife in Tuscany is another prominent attraction of the region. Tuscany beach holidays are incomplete without quiet strolls, along the promenade or visits to the thrilling Versilian discos. Hordes of people visit Versilia in July and August for the Puccini Festival.
Located in the shade of the Apuan Alps, Versilia, is a sandy coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The luxuriant hills and pine woods of the region further embellish the beauty of Versilia, making it a nature lovers paradise. With all the facilities and captivating natural and man-made attractions, Versilia is an exciting place to visit, during Tuscany beach holidays!

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Visit Ljubljana


Visit Ljubljana, a beauty in Central Europe

Ljubljana is a tourist friendly city. It attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Ljubljana is well visited because of friendly locals, extraordinary culinary experience and quality accommodation. There are many accommodation options. The average visitor stays in Ljubljana hotels. They are well kept and usually offer Wellness & Spa.

The city sits in the central Slovene basin from where roads lead to the East Alps, Northern Adriatic and Panonian Plain. The city area has been settled for over 3000 years. During the Stone Age people settled on the shore of the Ljubljansko Barje (Ljubljana Marshes). The city was also Roman military camp in the 5th century. Ljubljana was first mentioned as a town in the 13th century. The growth of the city began with the railway in 1849. After the Second World War Ljubljana became the most important city in Slovenia. It became the capital of Slovenia in 1991.

Ljubljana has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The city has a lot to offer; a number of museums, theatres, opera house, botanical garden and zoo, etc. It is one of the youngest European capitals. Ljubljana is closely linked to nature. Visitors can enjoy in walking through Tivoli park or hiking to Roznik Hill. Ljubljana is a city that will stay in visitor`s heart forever.

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