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Leezit: A Unique Way to Travel and Meet People


Leezit: A Unique Way to Travel and Meet People

Leezit is an online community platform which offers travelers a unique way of securing accommodation abroad.

Booking your accommodation with will give you a unique opportunity to stay with a local host in the area you are traveling to; this can give you an insight into the local lifestyle and culture that you could never get by staying in a hotel.

Don’t be that tourist that doesn’t meet any locals in the areas they visit, instead seeing only what’s advertised in glossy tourism brochures; liven up your travels by staying with interesting hosts that can give you a peak into their culture!

If you want to enrich your travel experiences, read on to find out about this awesome new way of securing accommodation abroad!

How Does it Work? is very easy to use. You can sign-up to the site in less than a minute using your Facebook account or email address. Once you’ve joined, you can book accommodation in the homes of  hosts located in the area you want to travel to.

When you are logged on to you can search for hosts by location and date. Once you find a host you want to stay with, you can contact the host using the Leezit messaging system to ensure the host has space on your required dates; if they do, you can then make a reservation request.

Another useful feature of is that both guests and hosts can review each other, making it easy for members to tell if hosts or guests are suitable for them.

How Much Does it Cost to Stay with Hosts on Leezit?

There are a wide range of rooms available, and since the hosts set their own prices, there are rooms suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Some of the rooms are basic and budget friendly, others are extravagant and cost a bit more.

Staying with hosts on Leezit will, generally, save you money when compared to staying in hotels; hosts have lower overheads than hotels, this is why you can find some fabulous rooms for much less than they’d cost in hotels!

Who is Leezit for?

Leezit is suited toward lots of travellers:

·         Business travellers that are tired of staying in lifeless, sterile hotels and will appreciate the homely atmosphere offered by Leezit hosts. 

·         Budget travellers that want to save money on accommodation.

·          Sociable travellers that want to meet local people in an easy, relaxed manner.

·         Any travellers that want to experience something unique and different.

·         Any travellers that want to support the economies of the communities they travel to; travellers that pay money directly to local hosts, rather than to multinational hotel chains, make a more positive economic contribution to the local community.

Is it Safe?

Leezit offers numerous features that protect the safety of community members. For a start, Leezit monitors all messages between guest and hosts.

The payment system on the site is also very safe; guests enter payment details when they submit a reservation request, but Leezit doesn’t make any charges unless the host accepts the reservation request. Once reservation is confirmed Leezit will collect payment and hold the funds until 24 hours after the guest checks in. After 24 hours they transfer the payment to the host.

This well-designed payment system ensures that both the guest and host have a chance to confirm that everything is as expected before money officially changes hands.

The reviews on Leezit are also a great security feature; if you aren’t sure about a host you can simply check out their reviews to see how other guests got on with them! 


Five Great Reasons To Stay In A Boutique Hotel

If you’ve never stayed in a boutique hotel before, here are some reasons why you should book one today.

There are so many cool hotels to stay in around the world that there’s almost certainly one at your next holiday destination. Why choose boutique?


Boutique HotelsBoutique hotels are usually in enviable locations. A townhouse right in the middle of the city, a chateau in rural France or a stunning beach retreat in the Maldives, boutique hotels exist to provide you with the very best location for your holiday. City hotels are in prestigious shopping areas, next to great restaurants, within a stone’s throw from the theater or stumbling distance from the top nightspots. They provide a retreat in the middle of town where you can wind down, rest your weary feet and take advantage of the staff’s outstanding local knowledge. Alternatively, chill out on a private beach, where your bedroom doors fold open onto the sand and where you can snorkel without seeing another human being. Or just take in the countryside from a castle on top of a hill.


If you want to experience real design, choose a boutique hotel. More than a few art-deco ornaments or modern art in the foyer, these hotels have design running through their core and it is a pleasure to stay somewhere that’s been designed and decorated with an eye for detail and finish. From the accessories in the bathroom to the china in the restaurant, everything is design-led, without being design-conscious.


Boutique Hotel 2By their nature, boutique hotels are small. Even in large buildings, these hotel owners reduce the number of rooms available so that they can increase the size of the rooms and the public spaces and provide better service. The size of a hotel in this sector isn’t based on how much floor space it has, but how many rooms it offers, because this affects the ambiance and the service.


Service is all-important in boutique hotels. Hotel staff are trained to ensure that guests want for nothing, and yet the service is discreet, so guests don’t feel hassled or intimidated. The lower number of guests at each hotel means that the service can be impeccable, and it usually is.


Boutique Hotel 3The term “boutique hotels” may give the impression that these hotels are all expensive, but that’s not the case. In fact, you may be surprised by how affordable many of them are. For the same price or very slightly more than you might pay for a very ordinary chain hotel, you could be staying somewhere with real atmosphere and real service. Whilst some of the boutique hotels are very exclusive and therefore very expensive, many of them are perfectly affordable.

London Zoo – Days Out With The Kids

London ZooA day at the London Zoo with the kids can be one of the most memorable days of their childhood. Whether the kids seek an adventure filled with animals of the sea, the slithering reptiles, the magnificent airbound, the flightless or the swinging monkeys, an unforgettable animal adventure awaits the entire family.

The London Zoo

The London Zoo is located in the heart of London near Primrose Hill and Regents Park. You will be able to access the zoo by automobile, bus or tube. It is important to note that the zoo does not allow for re-entry once you leave the premises, so be certain to plan for the entire duration of your visit prior to walking through the entrance.

Have a Plan

The zoo is quite large with a number of exhibits and animal attractions. In order to fully maximize your time at the zoo and to ensure everyone in the family leaves happy, devise a plan at home. Create a list of must see animals and animal attractions, the animals everyone would like see and one for the animals everyone can live without seeing if you run out of time or the weather becomes unfavorable. Keep in mind, a number of animals are housed indoors and several indoor exhibits exist on such occasions.

The Older Kids

Kids between the ages of 11 and 15 are able to participate in the Junior Keeper For A Day program. The children will spend 3 ½ hours in the morning on a supervised excursion of a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a zookeeper and to be able to meet the animals up close. They will feed the animals, learn about the animals and learn exactly what it takes to care for such animals.


Children often have loads of energy in the morning and they begin to lose momentum come the afternoon. Consider the logistics of your adventure to accommodate the energy levels of your children as a way to maximize the enjoyment of your time at the zoo. Start at the far end of the zoo in the morning and work your way to the front as the day progresses. Once the children are sufficiently exhausted, you will be near the exit which will help to preserve the cherished memories of the day rather than to struggle to get your children to the exit while passing all of the animal exhibits once again.

Save Money

The zoo has a tiered payment scale based on age and time of year. It is far more affordable to visit the zoo during off-peak season rather than during peak season. You will receive a discount by booking online and if you have a membership for those who intend to visit frequently. Do not forget that one adult enters for free with any child registered in the Junior Keeper program. You might also consider bringing your own snacks; however, be certain to check the food policies on the website prior to your departure to ensure the policy has not changed.

A day out with the kids at the London Zoo will be spectacular. The children will have an exciting adventure filled with education. At the London Zoo, they work hard to ensure they offer a little something for everyone.

Buy your London Zoo tickets in advance and save

Where To Cycle And Be Safe In Rhodes

There are those of us who never leave their bicycles behind when we go on holiday. When you visit Rhodes Island in Greece, do not fret over where you will cycle your wheels as there are so many of such places at your disposal. You cannot just stop cycling because you are a visitor to this place yet it is your favorite pastime. Fear no more as you pack your bicycle for this trip


Rhodes Island is a suitable holiday destination for all kinds of reasons as has been proven over a long period of time. Have you heard of Kavalada before? This place serves the perfect place for a cyclist who is concerned with his or her safety. The temperature here is just too friendly for any type of activity. Even the summer season is not harsh on the people who stay in this place as the temperatures are conducive. Well those who cycle much know how unbearable it sometimes becomes for cyclists. There are conditions that you would rather sit under a shade than ride your bike. The case here is absolutely different as there is no time of the year that would not be able to ride that lovely bike of yours.


The terrain here is quite conducive as it is generally flat thereby making you use less energy when cycling. Those of us who have had the experience of riding in areas that are hilly know what it means. Here it is all fun and enjoyment as you ride all over the place with the much desired ease that is difficult to come by in many holiday destinations across the world.

Your safety

When you go out with your bicycle, your concern is usually on the level of safety you have access to. This place only has a small population of people mainly relying on tourism thus they will always treat you with respect. Most of the locals are farmers and heavily rely on tourism to add on to their income. The people here are hospitable and will always welcome you in their midst. The factors stated can actually go a long way in ensuring that you are assured of your safety when you go out on holiday and choose this location as it will provide you with everything you need to ride.

Cool breeze

With a cool breeze flowing to your lungs, pedaling will only be a minor task as you watch how nature might have favored this place. Kavalada is a small place but the ambience that comes with being in this place is just beyond the ordinary. Here, going out will always be a pleasure and none of the visitors will want to stay behind in their place of accommodation. Just check that your tires are inflated properly and step out into the beautiful world where seasons don’t have any meaning at all.

Accommodation in Rhodes

Don’t forget to book your vacations at the Colossos 4 star hotel in Rhodes. Located on the beautiful beach of Kallithea in Rhodes, the Louis Colossos Beach hotel in Rhodes invites you to experience an unforgettable family holiday.

A Guide To Travel Through Malaga Spain

Malaga-SpainYou’ll be amazed at all there is to do when traveling around Malaga Spain.  You’ll find this city on the Costa del Sol, which is near the Mediterranean Sea.  You’ll enjoy the beautiful warm Mediterranean weather and climate of this area.  Everyone of course loves to visit in the summer when the weather is nice and hot, but as well visiting in the Winter months can be quite pleasant too due to the near perfect mild temperatures that you’ll experience.

Of course summer is the busiest in this area of Spain, so you’ll want to be speedy about making your reservations to ensure you get the best deals on flights, hotels, and even rental cars if need be. If you do need to rent a car you can actually do so right at the airport at arrival, if not you can hire a car service which will drive you to your destination hotel and also bring you back to the airport at the end of the trip. However, waiting until you get there, especially in the summer is not recommended being that it’s such a busiest time, you may get stuck (literally).

There is certainly no shortage of things to do when you visit around the area of Costa del Sol and Malaga Spain.

If you enjoy seeing old architecture and experiencing a bit of history then visiting the Alcazabo or the Citadel, which is the greatest fortress in Andalucia would be a great choice for your sightseeing agenda.  This citadel was built sometime between the eighth and eleventh century.  You’ll also, as a history buff, want to hit one or two of the museum there on the site of the citadel.  One is actually an archeological museum and is an area favorite.

Malaga-Spain-BuildingsIf you love fourteenth century architecture and buildings then be sure to check out the castle that is located in Malaga.  This is the castle of Gibralfaro, and is open for you to tour to actually experience the areas full and beautiful history.  You’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful view of he entire city as well as the port from Gibrlfaro.  This castle is actually very near the citadel, which makes it a convenient tour for you and can probably be accomplished in just one day.

There is actually an amusement park in the Costa del Sol, which is the Tivoli Amusement Park.  This is great if you’re visiting the area with you entire family or just looking for an adventure.  The park hosts daily shows, has great rides, and has beautiful botanical gardens for you to tour.

Malaga-Spain-ChurchIf you want to see a great landmark of the area then you should visit The Cathedral of Malaga.  This cathedral was began to be built in 1528 however construction was an on and off again thing for about the next 200 years or so, which was simply due to the lack of funds. This one Cathedral therefore has a multitude of different designs within it since construction was started and stopped so many different times.

You’ll surely have no shortage of history to witness and explore before you in the Costa del Sol, as well as be able to enjoy the great weather as well as be near some of the finest beaches and ports in the world.

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