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The Markets of Istanbul


If you’re heading off on your Mediterranean family holidays, Turkey is more than likely to be one of your first choices. The ubiquitous trio of sun, sea and sand are obviously the biggest draw cards, but Turkey has a lot more to offer than that. Not only is Turkey steeped in a fascinating history (the remnants of which are some of the most important archaeological signposts in the world), it also has a proud and colourful culture. It’s not hard to shop, eat and drink like a local on your family holidays; Turkey has some of the most wonderful shops and bazaars you will ever see. If you’re visiting Istanbul, whether you’re looking for food, souvenirs, spices or art you will find a market tucked around every corner.

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul

The Big Daddy of all markets, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is home to over 5000 shops and stalls. If you can’t find it in the Grand Bazaar, it simply doesn’t exist. Gold and silver jewellery, fabulously exotic antiques, metal and copper object d’art, leather goods and hand painted ceramics are just a selection of the treasures you can find. When you are travelling with children on your family holidays, Turkey’s biggest undercover bazaar is a fascinating and exciting attraction for kids of all ages. They will love the smells and sounds of the bustling bazaar. The Turkish people love children, so they will be entertained and embraced by the locals. While it is a good idea to stay close and keep tabs on the family, the Grand Bazaar has a safe and friendly atmosphere and is an ideal day out in Istanbul.

The Spice Market Istanbul

Whilst not strictly for the children, an excursion to the wonderfully aromatic Spice Market in Istanbul should still be included in the itinerary of your family holidays. Turkey is renowned for its exotic spices, fruits and nuts and these markets will have your head spinning and your mouth salivating with the selection on display. The first thing that hits you is obviously the smell, which permeates every nook and cranny of the markets creating a delightful, if at times overpowering, scent. Row upon row of jewel coloured spices line the stalls in huge baskets and the aisles are crowded with locals jostling for the lowest prices. As with any market in Turkey, the first price is never the last price and haggling is a way of life, so don’t be shy to ask for a discount. Why not involve the children in the fun of purchasing some precious spices to take home as a souvenir – you may find they get a better price than you!

Tahtakale Market District

Situated in between the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Markets, the Tahtakale Market District is the most authentic taste of Turkey you will find. Almost exclusively patronised by locals, the streets of the district are lined with shops and stalls selling everything from handkerchiefs, beads, food stuffs, luggage, clothing, kitchen utensils, wooden furniture and toys, to mosque decorations and even firearms. A fabulous place to visit on your family holidays, Turkey’s genuine way of life is on display through the sights, sounds and colours of the Tahtakale Market District

Grenoble France Guide


The city of Grenoble is located in south eastern France. You will be able to find this city at the foot of the French Alps where the Isère River meets up with the Drac River. The city can be found in the Rhône Alps region. The city of Grenoble is the capital city of the department of Isère. As a result of the mountains being so close to the city, Grenoble has been named as the “Capital of Alps”.

While this city is thoroughly modern you should know that Grenoble’s history is more than 2,000 years old. The city has been the capital of Dauphiné since the 11th Century. The city of Grenoble is surrounded by mountains. To the north of the city you will see the Chartreuse Mountains, to the east you will see the Belledonne range and to the west of Grenoble you have the Vercors Mountains. As part of its culture if you are in the city during the Tour de France you will be able to see the race as it passes through the city.

The city of Grenoble has been built on the alluvial plain of the Isère River and the Drac River. The city can be found at an altitude of 214 meters. Lovers of winter sports will enjoy coming to Grenoble as there are about 20 ski stations surrounding the city. The nearest of these resorts is that of le Sappey en Chartreuse. This resort is about 15 minutes drive from the city of Grenoble. In addition to winter sports you will find there are other attractions to be found in this city.

These attractions will include a trip to Vieille Ville. This was the site of a fortified Roman town. You will find that the pedestrian old city which is found with this location has been in existence from the time of the Middle Ages. A famous inventor named Vaucanson who lived from 1709 to 1782 was born in the Vieille Ville region. For lovers of Gothic style architecture you will find the Palais de Justice a must see building in Grenoble. Here you will find that the Palais de Justice was built in 1847 utilizing the Gothic style. This building is noted for its columned façade. In this building you will find the Court of Appeals ad the Court of Assizes.

Yet another worthwhile sight to see in Grenoble is that of the Eglise St. Andre. This is a beautiful Romanesque church which was built in the 12th Century. This church can be found in the heart of the city’s old centre. As you wander around the church you will see the magnificent façade which depicts Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. Another great church that you should think about visiting is that of the Cathedrale Notre Dame et Ancien Évèché.

This church which was a former bishop’s palace can be found adjacent to the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is now a museum which chronicles the regional history of the area from the prehistoric times to the present day. Under the cathedral you will be able to see a baptistery which has been in existence from the time of the Christian origins here in Grenoble. As well as the baptistery you will also be able to look at the remnants of the city’s walls.

These various sights that you will see here in Grenoble will help you to enjoy the best possible holiday that you can. So the next time you are thinking about where to go for a great holiday think Grenoble.

A Guide to Theme Parks in South East England


South East England is home to a number of exciting theme parks which cater for all the family. Here is a breakdown of what the top eight have to offer.

Thorpe Park

Based in Surrey, this theme park offers a variety of rides and prides itself on catering for everyone from adrenaline junkies to families with very young children. Open mid March to the end of October, prices are cheaper if you buy online. Children who are shorter than one meter get in free. Prices are more expensive if you buy them at the gates or on the day you attend.

Chessington World of Adventures

Named after the Surrey town it s based in, the traditional roller coasters aren t the only attraction on offer here. The park also contains a sea life Center and a zoo. When guests tire of the rides, they can spend the rest of the day viewing stingrays, sharks, gorillas, lions and tigers. Although Chessington World of Adventures closes for the winter, the animal attractions are still open at the weekends from January to March, and the prices are cheaper because they don t include access to the rides. There is no difference between online tickets and those purchased at the gates. Prices are more expensive when the entire site is open, because the ticket includes access to the animal attractions as well as all the rides.


The theme of this amusement park is the colorful building brick toys so beloved by children across the world. Rides, building workshops, live entertainment and go karting are all given the Lego treatment at the park in Windsor, Berkshire. Although one of the newer theme parks in England it was opened in 1996 it has quickly become one of the most visited attractions in the UK. LEGOLAND is closed for the winter but opens to the public on March 20, 2010. Prices are more expensive if you don t purchase them online.

Go Ape!

Release your inner monkey! There are 22 locations of this unusual theme park, which features obstacle courses in forests, including one in Cranbrook, Kent. Guests must be over ten to enjoy the high wire adventure, if you want friends or family to watch you from the forest floor they can do so for free. A parent or responsible adult must accompany the under 18s around the course. Instructors are on hand at each obstacle for safety reasons.

Harbour Park

This quaint theme park is situated next to a working harbour on the bank of the River Arun in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Don t expect huge roller coasters, but there are indoor and outdoor rides so whatever the weather, families should have fun here. Favorites include an arcade and gaming area, a water chute, and the bumper cars. It s free to get into the park, but once inside you must buy tokens to go on each ride one token costs 50p, and rides cost three to five tokens each.


This Kent theme park is one of the UK s quirkier attractions, and it s ideal for kids obsessed with building site machinery. There are rides designed like mechanical diggers, and guests even have the opportunity to operate a full size diggers, dumpers and construction machinery themselves.

Paultons Park

Even the biggest rides at this Hampshire theme park are family friendly and children aged six and over are allowed on the Edge roller coaster as long as they are accompanied by an adult. There are also smaller rides for children and some animal attractions, such as penguins, birds of prey, meerkats and wallabies. The park is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday after March 26, 1010. Tickets are 50p cheaper if you buy them online and children under a meter get in absolutely free.

Gulliver s Land

Aimed at children aged between two and 12 years old, this Milton Keynes theme park is based on the story of Gulliver s travels to the miniature land of Lilliput. Rides include the log flume and ferris wheel and there are entertainment shows throughout the day.

Gatwick And Heathrow Airports The Gateways To The UK


Every day, hundreds of flights land in the city of London. Most are at the Gatwick and Heathrow airports. These even have several airlines that have hourly flights to New York, and usually around 6 others to separate destinations in the United States. Travelers from around the world flood these airports every day. That is why the car hire UK industry is such a huge success. There are also more flights than any other UK airport to the Far East, South America, and South Africa.

When flights enter London, visitors can find arrange car hire Gatwick Airport, car hire Heathrow Airport, or up to three other airports within the zoning of London. This gives the tourism bureau a lot to do when scheduling visitors.

The popular sites to see in London are accessible from either main airport, but for most international flights, Gatwick will be where to begin the travel plans.

Even in business travel, London is one of Europe’s leading broadband internet technology providers, with better connectivity than anywhere else in Europe. There are a multitude of facilities available to hold physical or virtual business meetings with clients and employees from around the world.

With easy access from the surrounding M25 motorway, the sights and culture of London can be experienced even by business visitors on off time. The best hotels, and castles and palaces, are located within an hour of each other and London’s center.

An important landmark to remember when navigating London is the historic Thames river. The city, as it stands now, does not have multiple sky scrapers or tall buildings to get one’s bearings. The reference points to use while traveling are linked to the river that runs through the city.

London is sprawling, and has many wonderful sights to see. The Thames river provides a vital transportation outlet, as well as a way to mesh the rolling hills, romantic architecture, and the flowing water into a wealth of amazing sightseeing.

From the overwhelming sight of Buckingham Palace, to the remains of Roman architecture, to the steady turning of the hands at Big Ben, one must plan their trip wisely to fit in all the important places.

Shopping days are best planned while having a hired car. The delays on the underground could prove to be one’s undoing should they spend much money on the boutiques. Hire a car with a large boot to haul the items back to the hotel. Whatever the reason for being in London, pausing through at either airport, or driving through by automobile, the sights and sounds of this wonderful city will lend memories to last a lifetime.

An important note for international visitors, though, the changing of the guard is not a year round, daily event. It runs for a few months of the year, and not on days of inclement weather. This will limit the times of year you may want to holiday here. The rest of the sites of London will make a holiday worth the trip any time of year though.

Tenerife Hotel Offers

Price based on May stay for 2 adults sharing, per room per night

 Hotel Name Info Average
Room Rate
Florida Plaza Hotel   View Hotel Info 15 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Alondras Park Hotel   View Hotel Info 16 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Laguna Park Ii Hotel   View Hotel Info 18 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Tenerife Ving Aparthotel   View Hotel Info 18 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Tropical Hotel   View Hotel Info 19 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Park Plaza Hotel   View Hotel Info 19 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Pez Azul Hotel   View Hotel Info 19 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
La Carabela Hotel   View Hotel Info 19 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Bambi Hotel   View Hotel Info 19 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Florida Hotel   View Hotel Info 19 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Parque de las Americas Hotel   View Hotel Info 19 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Acuario Hotel   View Hotel Info 20 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Hi! Apartamentos Tamaimo Tropical Hotel   View Hotel Info 20 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Callao Mar Hotel   View Hotel Info 20 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Teide Mar Hotel   View Hotel Info 20 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Maga Hotel   View Hotel Info 20 GBP
Service Type: Bed And Breakfast
Astoria Hotel   View Hotel Info 21 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Vigilia Park Hotel   View Hotel Info 21 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Paradero II Hotel View Hotel Info 21 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Hacienda del Sol Hotel   View Hotel Info 21 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Puerto Azul Hotel View Hotel Info 21 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Tropical Park Hotel   View Hotel Info 22 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Borinquen Hotel   View Hotel Info 22 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Comodoro Hotel   View Hotel Info 22 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering
Apartamentos Teneguia Hotel   View Hotel Info 22 GBP
Service Type: Self Catering

Price based on May stay for 2 adults sharing, per room per night

Hotel Offers Paris

Price based on May stay, 2 adults sharing per room per night

Hotel Name Info Average
Room Rate
Balladins Coignieres Hotel View Hotel Info 36 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Balladins Torcy Hotel View Hotel Info 45 GBP
Service Type: Bed And Breakfast
Balladins Esbly Hotel View Hotel Info 46 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Balladins Emerainville Hotel View Hotel Info 46 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Balladins Torcy Hotel View Hotel Info 48 GBP
Service Type: Bed and Breakfast
Euro Sovereign St Denis Hotel   View Hotel Info 49 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Balladins Aulnay Garonor Hotel View Hotel Info 50 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Comfort H Hotel View Hotel Info 51 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Stars Arcueil Hotel   View Hotel Info 52 GBP
Service Type: Room and Breakfast (Buffet Breakfast (continental))
Comfort Hotel Airport CDG   View Hotel Info 52 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Park & Suites Village Bois D’Arcy Hotel View Hotel Info 54 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Kyriad Air Plus Aeroport d’Orly Hotel   View Hotel Info 54 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Hipotel Printania View Hotel Info 55 GBP
Service Type: Room only
Balladins St. Ouen L’Aumone Hotel View Hotel Info 55 GBP
Service Type: Bed And Breakfast
Cerise Chatou Hotel View Hotel Info 55 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Grand Hotel Senia View Hotel Info 57 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
CITEA QUAI D’IVRY Hotel View Hotel Info 58 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Gabriel Hotel   View Hotel Info 58 GBP
Service Type: Room Only
Park Inn CDG Hotel   View Hotel Info 59 GBP
Service Type: Room and Breakfast (Buffet)
Printania Hotel   View Hotel Info 59 GBP
Service Type: Room and Breakfast (Buffet)
Ibis Paris Porte De Bercy Hotel   View Hotel Info 59 GBP
Service Type: Bed and Breakfast
Balladins Aulnay Garonor Hotel View Hotel Info 60 GBP
Service Type: Bed and Breakfast
Median Paris Chatillon Hotel   View Hotel Info 60 GBP
Service Type: Room and Breakfast (Buffet Breakfast (continental))
Ibis Savigny Sur Orge Hotel View Hotel Info 61 GBP
Service Type: Bed and Breakfast
Balladins Paris La Villette Hotel View Hotel Info 61 GBP
Service Type: Bed and Breakfast

Price based on May stay, 2 adults sharing per room per night

Bulgaria Hotel Deals

Prices based on a 7 night stay May 2012

Roussalka St.Constantine St. Constantine BB From   £64.10
Detelina Golden Sands BB From   £92.85
Rossitsa St.Constantine St. Constantine BB From £98.60
Helios Spa&Resort Golden Sands BB From £118.38
Varshava Golden Sands BB From £129.99
Sunrise All Suites Resort Obzor RO From £130.20
Park Hotel Odessos Golden Sands BB From £139.26
Perunika Golden Sands BB From £146.22
Orchidea Boutique Spa Golden Sands BB From £156.65
Golden Yavor Golden Sands HB From £162.90
Doubletree by Hilton Golden Sands BB From £177.60
Obzor Beach & Izgrev Golden Sands BB From £226.90
City Mark Varna BB From £227.43
Aqua Varna Varna BB From £240.71
Orbita Hotel Varna RO From £243.74
Splendid Varna BB From £245.85
Dobrudja Albena HB From £248.57
Impala Varna BB From £248.57
Romance Spa St. Constantine BB From £252.49
Primasol Sunlight Sunrise Golden Sands AI From £265.40

Prices based on a 7 night stay May 2012

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Majorca – A Food Lover’s Paradise


When it comes to your annual family holidays, one of the best things about getting away from everyday life is the fact that you won’t have to spend half the day thinking about and preparing meals. If you’re lucky enough to be heading off on Majorca family holidays, you’re in for even more of a treat. The Spanish know how to live and they know how to eat. Mealtime is more than just about the food, it’s a true social and family event and whilst you are on this sun soaked Balearic island, you can tuck in and dine like a local.

Taste Test Some Tapas

The Spanish love their Tapas and once you’ve tried some of these little morsels you’ll know why! Although they are, in theory, bite size nibbles to whet your appetite for the main course, Tapas is often so delicious you will find yourself over indulging. Beautifully presented and mouth wateringly flavoursome, Tapas comes in many forms: grilled vegetables, tortillas, olives, prawns, meats, beans and various breads, in fact anything that can be miniaturised, marinated or served in a creative way! A Tapas night is perfect after a long day on the beach on your Majorca family holidays, and even the fussiest of children will find something to satisfy.

A Perfect Paella

Ah paella; who doesn’t love it? But if you’ve never tried genuine Spanish paella then you can’t truly call yourself an aficionado. Whether you stay in for a night on your Majorca family holidays and make your own paella from local ingredients, or go out and treat yourself to a local restaurant version, once you’ve tried the Spanish olive oil, seafood and rice, you’ll know what we mean. The Spanish pack their paella full of chicken, chorizo, prawns, fish and, of course, it’s all simmered in some lovely Spanish wine. Perhaps it’s the setting and perhaps it’s the juicy seafood; but there’s just something special about eating paella with your family in a restaurant on the beach as the sun sets over the Mediterranean…

Meat Eaters Feast

A lot of traditional Majorcan dishes are quite heavily meat based, using mainly pork which is the island’s staple. Pork lends itself well to the rich, spicy flavours of Spanish cooking and is also used to make varieties of sausages, like chorizo and sobrasada. While the children will find plenty they want to eat on your Majorca family holidays, for adults there’s even more of a delectable choice. Some of the stronger game meats may appeal, as will the stews and dishes flavoured with pungent cayenne pepper and paprika.

Fishy Tales

A clue to what’s the absolute best on offer in Majorcan cuisine lies in its location. The seafood is both abundant and out of this world delicious, and you will find yourself going back for seconds and thirds of prawns, mussels, fish and lobster. Even if the kids aren’t adventurous enough to try some of the more exotic seafood delights, they’ll definitely be tempted by fish and chips with a difference on their Majorca family holidays.

Cruise Ship Travel Guide


Going on a cruise is a great way to spend a vacation. The sun, activities, food, and entertainment make cruise ship travel a great vacation choice for couples and families. There are many types of cruises for every type of traveler such as: Family Cruises, Singles Cruises, Caribbean Cruises, Alaskan Cruises, Wedding Cruises, Themed Cruises, Mediterranean Cruises, and much more. Before you book your next cruise, you should be aware of important cruise travel considerations so that you ensure your cruise is fun and memorable. Below is a helpful guide to cruise ship travel:

1. The best time to take a cruise depends on the cruise travel destinations. For instance, the summer months are the best time to take an Alaskan Cruise and European Cruise. The winter months are more appropriate for the Caribbean. If you want a great deal, try traveling during the off season which is spring and fall. For instance, November in the Caribbean is the off season and a great time to get a cheap deal. You can consult with your local travel agent about any last minute sell offs being offered during the off season.

2. If you are looking to get a great deal on a cruise, book a vacation during the ‘shoulder season.’ This is the period right between the destination s low and high seasons. For instance, the cheapest time to go on an Alaskan cruise is May. As well, November/December is a great time to for a Caribbean Cruise. October and April is a good time for a Mediterranean cruise. You can get some great bargains when booking for the ‘shoulder season.’

3. The internet is a great resource for finding and booking a cheap cruise. It is also a handy comparison shopping tool that will help ensure that you are getting the best deal. You can take advantage of last minute deals, special promotions, and special off season prices. As well, you can often get a special discounted cruise vacation package.

4. Because there are only a few cruise ports, you may have to get a cheap flight to the cruise port. You can often get a combo fly cruise package. It is important to compare prices to see if you can get a better deal by purchasing the ticket independently. The fly cruise price will usually include transfers between the ship and the airport, which can increase the price. There are a number of cheap airline websites where you can find a great deal. You may want to book your flight online (or offline) a day before departure in case there are flight delays.

It can be difficult planning a vacation cruise, especially if it is your first time. It is important to know where you want to go and the type of cruise you want to take before you book. Fortunately, there are many ways to book your dream cruise while getting a great price. It just takes a little knowledge and research, and before you know it, you will be on the open water having the time of your life.

Inverness Travel and Tourist Information


Inverness, an incredibly scenic city is the capital city and gateway to the Highland region. The name Inverness is translated from the Gaelic Inbhir Nis meaning mouth of the River Ness.

Inverness received city status in 2001 and is believed to be the fastest growing city in Europe. With an estimated population of around 54, 000 in 2006, the city is forecast to grow by as much as 40 over the next two decades. Inverness is ranked 5th out of 189 cities in Britain for its quality of life.


The city provides an excellent base for outdoor enthusiasts wishing to exploit the vast potential of the highland region. Alternatively there is plenty in around the city for a relaxing, entertaining city break . Inverness has many comfortable and quality hotels and a good choice of bed and breakfast accommodation . There are also plenty of camp sites offering modern facilities for tents and caravans or there are self catering holiday cottages around the Inverness area for a more home from home feeling


The surrounding countryside offers a great variety of options whatever your outdoor interest and there are outlets within the city which hire out the likes of Mountain bikes or canoes. For a fun day out there is golfing, paintball, pony trekking, quad biking, dolphin watching and Loch Ness cruises to name but a few and all within a short distance from the city. For a more challenging day out, a short drive from Inverness will take you to some of the most stunning mountain ranges in the UK. The likes of Torridon or Assynt on the west coast offer great hill walking, ridge walks and rock climbing opportunities. If you aren t feeling so energetic, a drive through this area can prove very satisfying with epic scenery, imposing mountains and beautiful white sand beaches tucked away in rocky bays.

Night out

The people of the Highlands are well known for their hospitality and you will soon be made to feel welcome in the bars or cafes of Inverness. The River Ness runs through the city and provides an impressive backdrop to many of the cities excellent choice of restaurants. Whatever your taste or budget Inverness will have an option to suit you. Once fed and possibly warmed by a wee dram of whisky there are plenty of options with many bars putting on live music on a nightly basis. The Eden court theatre is host to many different shows with ballet, drama, live music and comedy frequently playing.

Alternatively the Ironworks music venue attracts some of the biggest and best acts in the UK. It s well worth checking local event listings to see which acts are playing when you plan on visiting the city. The Inverness college is the main campus for the University of the Highlands and islands millennium institute and the resident students ensure a modern lively buzz to the city. If you are in the City through the Summer then you may be tempted by some of the large open air music festivals. Rockness is the main festival spanning three days and attracting some of the biggest names in dance and rock music. Situated beside Dores and on the bank of Loch Ness, Rockness has got to be one of the UK s most scenically impressive outdoor venues.


Tourists to Inverness will soon find that this City is the Hub to a large region and the transport system has evolved to cater for a widely spread and growing population.


Located at Dalcross roughly 8 miles or 13 kilometres northeast of the city, Inverness Airport is a major gateway for tourists to the North of Scotland. Inverness is an international airport with many scheduled services to the UK and Ireland, also limited freight and chartered flights to Europe. Almost 680,000 passengers past through the city airport in 2008.

Train Station

Situated on Academy street the city train station drops you in the heart of the city. The station provides regular services to the north and south of the city with direct links to London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Thurso. There is a ticket office in the station for information and ticket sales. You will also find available refreshments, newsagent, locker facilities, luggage trolleys and short stay car park facilities. There is a taxi rank as you leave the station to transport you to your accommodation.

Bus Station

As with the train station the bus station is situated in the centre of Inverness at Farraline park. The station is a short walk away from the main shopping area and minutes from the railway station. The station s main operators include Megabus and Scottish citylink who provide regular services to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth. There are also Stagecoach coaches which operate in and around the city and provide a service to the airport. Stagecoach also provide services to Fort William, Ullapool, Thurso and Aberdeen. Also available is the overnight National express service from Inverness to London Victoria.

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